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Clayton Dryke

Love. I’d say love has to be the most dangerous emotion we humans have. Think about it a moment. How many wars, how many people have died in the name of love? Quite absurd really. The thing that can destroy us seems to be the one thing we can’t seem to live without.

Not this guy though! No sir! Learned my lesson early and I lived to tell the tale. My name is Clayton Dryke. Heard of me? Don’t worry about it, most people haven’t. I was a freelance smuggler before I ended up here. Small stuff mostly; alien fauna, illegal drugs, occasional human trafficking, nothing too big you know? Truth be told I wasn’t all that good. Not good enough for those fortune runs anyway. Always afraid of the consequences, you know? Funny that being where we are now.

Anyway, we got some time right? I won’t bore you with the details of my childhood. Wasn’t that interesting anyway. I think I was twenty three when I finally got into the smuggling business. Never could manage to live within my means. Always had a real lust for refined living, you know? So yeah, I think, now don’t quote me on this, but my first run was a shipment of some kind of cabbage! I think the planet was under some sort of quarantine for an infestation or something, but yeah, cabbage! I still laugh when I remember how nervous I was. Turned out alright and managed to buy a new power core for my freighter with the money I’d earned and essentially gave me the confidence to keep up the trade.

So yeah, kept up the whole smuggling deal, even got good enough to earn the attention of the Organization. Now I couldn’t saved myself a lot of heartache by accepting their invitation to sign on with them with a sixty/forty cut but I was greedy. Figured why should I give up all my heard earned credits to a bunch of suits so they could buy their wives a bigger holo-diamond for a blow, right? So yeah, I told ‘em to fuck off. Not one of my best ideas if I say so myself.

After I turned down the Organization I kept doing what I did best; not getting caught but I was always expecting a knife in the back. You didn’t just tell the Organization no, not without consequences but the years went by and I hadn’t had any more run ins with them. Figured I’d gotten away with it. I was small time anyway, they probably had forgotten about me the moment I left the bar. I suppose I let my guard down. It was around that time she showed up. My god boss, you’ve never seen a girl like her. She had skin like creamy milk chocolate, legs to die for, and breasts to make your heart break for the longing to see them uncovered. That wasn’t her best feature though. Those eyes! Green like the brightest emerald, like the eyes of a beautiful serpent. You ever been on a smuggling run? It’s lonely business, very lonely. She was everything I wanted, needed even. Witty, intelligent, gorgeous, and lemme tell you, an animal in the sack. I think that year together was the best time of my life. Even now I think if I had it to do over again I’d…

So shortly before our first anniversary together the Organization showed up again. Same offer as before and do you think I accepted? Hell no! My business was booming, I had my girl, and last time I refused nothing came of it. I was cocky. Lightning doesn’t strike twice someone told me. Well that doesn’t apply when it misses the first time. I had bought her one of those holo-diamonds I had mentioned earlier. Had a nice little holographic rose blooming in it and I was going to ask her to marry me. She got me a bullet to the dome point blank. Doctors said I’m lucky to be alive, that the bullet just grazed my skull. At that range I like to think she meant to miss. Maybe she felt something too.

Anyway the Colonial Authority seized my ship full of contraband, real nasty stuff. Felt like I was half way here soon as I was sentenced. I imagine the Organization had something to do with that. C’est le vie.

My first few years on Naraka were pretty much like everyone’s back then. The Pantheon was in full control in those days and I had learned my lesson by then. Once I got the invitation to join their ranks I jumped right on it without hesitation. Never really went anywhere in the whole social hierarchy of the group but I didn’t really care. I believe I was still pretty depressed over the whole situation.

I was working as security in the casino when the Queen Bitch of Naraka took Ares Balbazian's head and tore the Pantheon apart with civil war. Those were some bloody weeks and when the dust settled and we had all bled enough somehow I had a small gang of my own and had secured the casino for ourselves. I think that’s what I needed to get out of my funk; direction, purpose. Now look at me. Leader of the Snake Eyes Disciples and a man of import in this shithole prison.

Oh, looks like our times up boss. Candy’s here. You know, she really had amazing breasts before you carved them up. She’s a forgiving sort though, even agreed to make your last meal herself. Something about sautéing your balls and feeding them to you. Unfortunately I got business to attend to and can’t stay for the meal. Bon appetite.

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