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Sim Synopsis:

The year is 2640AD. Several centuries ago, space colonization began, mostly as a race between corporations to see who could control most of the outside resources. Colonies and business now spread throughout the local bubble, extending from our solar system to the Antares and Tau Ceti systems. These colonies are united under the Solaris Alliance, a rather loose government that allows each planet, space station and locality to have its own official, which creates and controls their area and laws. The justice system is so varied, so overcrowded, so corrupt and disorganized–there is no such thing as an appeal, nor does anyone really ever check into the validity of the laws the incarcerated have broken. Many of these “criminals” find themselves shipped to Naraka.

The Naraka Federal Permanent Residence Facility for The Detainment Of Those Beyond Rehabilitation is a prison planet from which there is no escape. The sky is metal, the weather unpredictable. Once called Aedin by the corporation that designed it, it was created to be a modern marvel but was abandoned due to advances in technology and lack of money, and has long since fallen into disrepair--torn apart by the anarchical society created by the lawless souls set to populate it.

Food and water is scarce as are supplies, and the people are dependent on weekly drops of food, medicine and supplies from the government and charity organizations. Power is maintained and sought through the control and distribution of those goods, many a man killed in the battle to obtain little more than a crate of canned corn and a few boxes of bandages. Beyond the city is virtually barren, half-developed land that was abandoned by its creators and a world more dangerous than living amongst the cold blooded killers and psychopaths–as creatures unknown lurk in the shadows.

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