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Naraka Backstory

In 2570 AD, the AndroSKY corporation took on a great project, taking a previously uninhabitable planet and working to create a fully “modern” city and resort for the upper classes to escape from it all. The planet they chose was particularly desolate–as they wanted to start fresh–and quite out of the way from most intergalactic traffic to give it a fresh feel as a “getaway place” as well as open up trade routes to previously ignored.

The main feature of this new planet, which was dubbed Aedin (pronounced “Eden”) by its creators, was that it had one of the first completely artificial atmospheres and ecosystems. The finest water, horticulture and wildlife was shipped from all corners of the known galaxy, the best and most controversial architects brought in to create fabulous landscapes.

The trickiest part of it all was the atmosphere. Terraforming and the like was still a relatively new concept, and the technology was a bit iffy at best. Top scientists were consulted, and the best solution appeared to be creating a complete barrier three miles out around the planet out of titanium with one main entrance directly above the main city to promote security. Energy was synthesized by harnessing it from nearby nebula that was rather small and considered to be in a perpetual state of flux, nowhere near forming a complete star. Lighting and Weather was controlled by large machines that orbited just below the barrier, regulators known as Helios Units.

2590 AD : Twenty years passed, and the project was not yet complete. Only a single city was completed and staffed with robotics and androids, most of the planet still barren except for a few scattered starts of projects. This was merely the start of the problems for AndroSKY though, as they had invested over a billion credits into the project, only to become outdated by the introduction of modern terraforming, which was a fraction of the price of their barrier and electronically produced atmosphere, and allowed planets to keep their skies.

If it was just for this, they could have remarketed, but another problem arose, gurgling straight from the underground to the surface. It appeared that their previous research that had declared the planet deserted and free of life had been inaccurate. Drawn upward by the introduction of the artificial atmosphere, giant insects and apparently an entire hidden civilization of aliens that weren’t exactly thrilled to find they had new friends. With such an infestation, AndroSKY was doomed for bankruptcy.

However wherever tragedy lurks, so does opportunity. The Solaris Alliance purchased the planet, seeing its potential to become something else entirely - a maximum security prison for those facing life sentences. With only one point of entry, there would be no leaving Aedin. There was also no need to put guards or a police presence on the surface, only outside the barrier where they would remain safe.

According to the government, everything necessary for survival was present on the surface, supplemented by weekly drops of medicine, rations and supplies. The inmates would have the freedom to do as they please, and would only be hurting other inmates if they chose to misbehave - the rest of the universe safe from them and their “incurable lawlessness”.

The unwilling settlers of Aedin come from all walks of life, from mass murderers and career criminals, to those who simply angered the wrong people and political prisoners. Occasionally, a missionary with a death wish will commit themselves, as well as those who follow their loved ones in under the false impression that with their help they could escape.

2640 AD : Fifty years have passed since AndroSKY’s planet resort Aedin was purchased by the Solaris Alliance to become The Naraka Federal Permanent Residence Facility for The Detainment Of Those Beyond Rehabilitation, the most secure and unescapable prison ever known. The only true monitoring of the population is through occasional remote scans to make certain that there is still life. Inmates are shipped off in droves from all corners of the known universe, processed and sterilized to avoid any "accidental" prisoners being born.

With a titanium sky, there is no need to restrain the criminals, and so the worst and most dangerous criminals walk free, creating their own rules and societies, the lawless making their own laws. Everything has become ruined by the fighting and anarchy, the water polluted and the plantlife decimated, the weather regulators malfunction without regular care, and sometimes the surface is thrown into night for weeks or forced into having random, weird weather.

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