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Naraka Climate

"The shock of the landing probably wouldn't have been as bad if it wasn't accompanied by that sudden wave of heat. I longed for the chill of space in those moments after the walls of the drop capsule opened, the air heavy, humid and hot. It was like breathing oatmeal, the weight of it sticking to my lungs. And the smell. Never in my life had I had been assaulted by such a stench, a mixture of rotting flesh and garbage, sweat and a sort of mold that thrived on the hideous weather here. I swear that I had heard there were weather regulators here. I guess they were on the fritz."

The Climate and Atmosphere of Naraka

Naraka is a planet that is completely encased in titanium. All of its lighting and weather is artificial, created by large machines that hover approximately three miles above the surface called Helios Units. When the planet was going to be a resort, these lights were set to full power, creating full days and nights. However, when the Solaris Alliance purchased it and made it a prison, the Helios Units were set at the lowest control setting to lower costs. And so, the light recieved is more of a dull glow than anything else, as if the "sun" never quite rises.

Unless there is some sort of malfunction with the weather regulators that causes them to interfere with the natural weather, then temperature on the planet is roughly 80 degrees Farenheit (30 degrees Celsius). This may seem contridictory to the lighting situation, but in reality the heat is radiated from below the surface, as the planet has a high geo-thermal rating, and also from the heat absorbed from the metal shield from the same nebula they harness energy from. Coupled with the sheer humidity, it gives the area a rather swamp-like atmosphere, excellent for the survival of insects and plantlife, but fairly miserable for anyone else. This is also why so many items are now rusted.

The air is moist, and the ground water abundant - but only water that has gone through processing at the distillery is safe to drink. There is something toxic about the air and water on planet Aedin (commonly referred to as Naraka), perhaps due to the mold that seems to creep up everywhere. Only inside the main city is the air filtered and safe to breathe without a mask - outside, the air acts like poison, attacking the body and making one violently ill. With prolonged exposure, some have even died.

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