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Naraka Factions

This notecard decribes in detail the various factions in Naraka as of right now. All factions are currently open for enrollment and looking to recruit. If you have your own faction you're looking to start all you need are a minimum of four members and to send your faction notecard to Clayton Dryke and it will be listed in this notecard.

The Triumvirate:

The Pantheon of Aedin - The former masters of Naraka the Pantheon lost some of its power during civil war when current leader Tala Laval assassinated Ares Balbazian and now fights to regain it's position once more from the two upstart gangs that rose up from the dusts of the civil war. The Pantheon are the strongest of the three factions and still have ambitions of becoming the undisputed power in Naraka once more. POC: Tala Laval

Snake Eyes Disciples - The civil war that ensued after the death of Ares Balbazain was chaotic, an unpresedented time of bloodshed and death in the prison but when it was all over the Snake Eyes Disciples stood in control of the old Aedin Casino. The business of the Disciples is entertainment, providing it in droves while enjoying a relatively lavish lifestyle in the prison. While not as strong as the Pantheon or as vicious as the Bottlers the Disciples make up for it in pure cunning. POC: Clayton Dryke

The Bottle Town Bible - The lower level of Naraka has always been a particuarly dangerous place but with the hostile take over of the water treatment facility and the rise of the Bottlers the place has become akin to a deathtrap. The most vicious criminals seem to congregate to the Bottlers. The wealthiest of the three major gangs they are also the most violent. POC: Ziggy London

Gangs/Factions of Naraka:

The Bio-Infinitum - Formed by a Synthetic known as Winter, the B-I is an Android-only cult of Machine Supremacists, believing that Androids are the superior populace of the world, put there by higher powers as punishment for some forgotten crime, and that it is on the barren prison world that they must prove themselves to their goddess - The All Mother. POC: Sammy Dunn

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