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Rules and Information

Naraka is a sci-fi/dystopian ultra-violence rolplaying sim built for Second Life. Humanity has long ago conquered space travel and colonized countless other worlds. Not all planets have proven to be the most habitable but rather than write them off the Solaris Alliance has seen to set up entire planets as penal colonies for the undesirables of current society. Naraka is one such planet. The penal colony was built on the ruins of a overly ambitious and now bankrupt resort city. The ruins of unfinished construction litter the now decayed elegance of the one time dream of paradise. The inmates here are here for life. There is no hope, there is only survival. The roleplay is primarily driven by the creative players with occasional storylines run by the staff.

Using the Dynamic Combat System (DCS2) as a Combat Meter it allows the players to play out their character more realistically with various classes/races and skills available appropriate to their class of choice. Naraka supports the following classes into its universe : Brawler, Scavenger, Junkie, Drifter, Androids, Hybrids, and Helix.

*** This is a NO FURRE roleplaying sim. There are plenty of other sims you can roleplay in without having to playplay one here. We apolagize for the inconvenience but we feel it takes from the setting. ***

*** No child avatars or ageplay of any kind! All characters are eighteen years or older and have been steralized prior to being imprisoned so there is no valid reason for being underage in this sim. ***

You are free to roam, explore, and shop - No one will engage you in combat while you're wearing the Naraka Titler in Observer mode.

It is to your benefit to read the rules before engaging in roleplay or combat. Claiming ignorance doesn’t cut it. Having to stop all RP in the sim because someone has broken the rules just isn’t fun or fair for others.

*** Naraka Roleplay Sim Rules ***

Naraka General Roleplay and Combat Rules

Naraka Weaponry Guidelines

Vehicles, Rezzing Objects, and Pets in Naraka

Naraka FAQ

*** Get Into Character ***

Naraka Information

Naraka Factions

The Universe We Live In

*** Extras ***

SL Graphics and Performance Tips

Rentals Information

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